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suggestion GTFS-RT trip-updates

I'm transitioning to the GTFS-RT trip-updates ( to receive real-time information for Stockholm, but I have a suggestion. Very few trips include the route_id attribute in the trip section, making it difficult to filter by route and leading to large responses that often time out. Can you take any steps to address this issue?


  • Hi Silvia,

    If anything, the abscence of route_id in GTFS Realtime data means the files are smaller and faster to parse. It seems like you are talking about internal services not being able to handle this when you talk about "time outs". In this case I'd recommend you discuss this with the person responsible for the internal services consuming this data, as this is a problem on the client-side.

    As I stated before to your collegue Othmane (, looking up a route_id for a given trip_id is trivial on the client side and can be done in constant time. This should therefore not have a significant impact on the client-side performance.

    Adding the field on our side would only add to the file size without adding additional information, while risking to impact performance and reliability in a negative way.

    Bert på Trafiklab

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