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Invitation to participate in Policy Innovation by Design Research Project

Dear Sir/Madam,
The Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough University in London is pleased to invite TrafikLab to participate in Policy Innovation by Design research project.
This study aims to learn more about the use and role of design in public policy innovation, through the investigation of Policy Labs in Europe. We believe the results will not only be of value to Policy Labs but will also help policymakers at large to better identify opportunities for design in aiding their innovation processes.
TrafikLab is part of a comprehensive sample of European initiatives working at various levels of public administration. Your opinions and information of the organisation are critical to the success of our study. By taking part in this study, a summary copy of our results will be sent to you upon completion.
We recognize the value of your time, and sincerely appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Please be aware that individual responses will be anonymised, and all organisation level data will be held in confidence. Please take 10 minutes to complete the online survey below and submit it at your earliest convenience:
Should you require additional information or have questions, please contact us at the emails listed below.
Thank you for your time.
Federico Vaz.


  • Thank you Federico, we will look into the survey.

    Kind regards
    Team Trafiklab

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