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get the bus time tables similar to http://sl.se/sv/Resenar/Planera-resa/Tidtabeller/


I would like to know which service would give me the timetables for the buses similar to what can be retrieved from http://sl.se/sv/Resenar/Planera-resa/Tidtabeller/ ??

I short, an api to the bus time tables.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


  • Hi!

    You can use SL Travel planner service http://reseplanerare.sl.se/bin/query.exe/sn

    I hope it helps.


    Team Trafiklab
  • when I open that link it just brings up a user interface for planning.

    what I actually had in mind when I said service, I meant a Web service with apis similar to the listed services on your website (trafiklab)

    The sl.se provides pdfs I'd the busses time tables, what I need is having them as a service that can be retrieved using some code or download a file with the parsable structure.

    Am I missing something here?

  • Hi!

    The SL Travel planner API you will find at Trafiklab.
    See the documentation for further examples how to use the API.
    You need to register at Trafiklab and retrieve a API key for SL Reseplanerare.
    The key is used to call the API and retrieve data from SL. Read the documentation and you will get a feeling how to use the API in conjunction with your code.


    Team Trafiklab
  • Hi again,

    Sorry for the confusion. I don't think that service has anything to do with the tidtabeller of the buses.

    There is no field or query example in your given link that accepts a bus number (ex. 73) and returns the time table.

    As the name indicates, the link is for the planering not the schedule of the transport vehicles.

    The first link I showed in my original post allows you to type a bus number and returns a pdf (ex: http://sl.se/ficktid/vinter/v73.pdf for bus 73)

    You realize this is useless as it is only a pdf.

    But thank you for trying to help.

  • Hi Aram, if you're only interested in timetables and routes for specific trips your best option is the GTFS data.

  • Hi Johan. Thank you for the comment.

    I have tried that 3 months ago and that is not what I want.

    But I can see that the feature of http://sampleservice/gettimetable/bus509 is missing from the services and there is no way around it. I hope to see that service implemented in the future.

  • Hi Aram,

    As Johan N. wrote You earlier is the GTFS data the best information source Trafiklab have for what You are looking for.
    Please, consult the documentation and see if it can help You.

    Otherwise, I'm Sorry, You will have to look for source of information outside Trafiklab.

    Best Luck!

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