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Unknown issue with arrivalBoard method

Hello, Trafiklabs team. I apologize in advance for writing in English instead of Swedish.

We're working on integrating the arrivalBoard method into our project and we noticed an unusual problem. If we make a request to check arrivals to a station (example: Hässleholm Drivhusvägen) that has two directions (Läge A + B), the JSON response we get contains all future arrivals for direction A, but zero (or only one, the immediate next one) for direction B.

This is opposite to the behaviour we see on already integrated products like Skånetrafiken's search - that lists arrivals for both directions.

I'm attaching our received response done on 2019-05-23 15:34:00 GMT+02:00. Could you please point us in the right direction?
Boris Matešin Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


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