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Time to get a gold Link

I need a gold link before i publish a Windows Phone app and have sent a request to you.

Can you tell me how long will it take?

Thank you


  • Hi John!
    I can't find any request from you.
    Please send an email to

    You need to explain why you need gold-level, (What kind of math have you done?)

    You also need to have an updated project-description with logo etc.

    / Lars

  • Hi guys,

    I have sent you this information twice now and this is the second time through the forum so I am not sure what the delay is.

    I want to send my app for Windows Phone 8.0 certification shortly, so can you please reply on timescales.

    With a mobile app I dont really know what the downloads will be but it will be like russian roulette should I publish with a throttled connection!

    Just a 1000 users making 2 requests is a minimum of 60000 requests a


  • Hi John!
    I still havn't got any email.
    It might has been stopped in the company spam-filter.

    Please resend. You can try instead.

    / Lars

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