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Störningsinformation "Connection reset by peer"

Getting a lot of "[Errno 104] Connection reset by peer" when fetching Störningsinformation API response. I have just noticed it, but started happening a lot after October 17th.

This is my request:


  • Hello Slava,
    I cannot reproduce the 104 error you are getting at the moment using the request you listed. Does it happen at random or is it more common at specific hours of the day? Do you have any more details which could help us reproduce this problem?

    Kind regards
    Team Trafiklab
  • Hi Kenneth,

    I am polling the service every 5 minutes, and getting this error 99% of the time.
    I had to add a retry mechanism, this way the request goes through on the second or the third attempt. But the error rate is still very high.
    I update the date to the current one, of course, so today it is "2017-11-03".
    Let me know if I can run any more checks to debug this more.
    My setup has worked for quite a long time and I haven't made any changes on my end. Then after October 17th this error started happening.
  • Hi Slava,
    I have tried the request for the last hour and still cannot reproduce it on my side. Trying to narrow down the issue but it is hard when I cannot reproduce it. Do you get any error when trying the request in a clean browser session? Do you get the same error if you use the http://api.sl.se/api2/deviations instead of the deviationsrawdata?

    Kind regards
    Team Trafiklab
  • My service runs on a hosting in London, and the requests are made using python3 urllib.
    If I run the request from by browser in Stockholm there is no error.
  • Hi again Slava,
    Our devs will investigate to see if we can find any changes related to your problems.

    Kind regards
    Team Trafiklab
  • Thank you.
    I have cehcked with the hosting provider, they have run this query on several different machines and occasionally also got the same socket error. Nothing particular about my setup it seems.
  • I can actually see the same behaviour.
    I'm running my code from Amazon Lambda in their Ireland region. I'm also polling this API regularly and I can see a lot of errors which are connection resets...
  • Hi,

    We have probably found the cause of this problem and are working on a solution.
    We will get back with information as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards
    Erik B

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