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SLRealtime GetDepartures ended

Hi again

Do I still need to use GetDepartures, if I am using GetDPSDepartures?

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  • GetDepartures is just the metro.

    GetDPSDepartures is not the metro, but the rest!

    So depending of what you want to do.

    / Lars

    PS Today (23 oct) is a bad day for play with the SL Realtime API since SL having trouble with their data at the moment.

  • Hi again

    What is the difference between DpsMetro in GetDPSDepartures and metro you talk about in GetDepartures

    I am not very clear on this.

  • There is no real-time information regarding the metro in the DPS system and GetDPSDepartures.
    That's why you have to use GetDepartures, where you get the information displayed on the platform signs in the metro.
    We are now working on a solution where you get all the information in one call, and in the long run to get the metro real-time information through the same system (DPS) as the rest.

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  • Do you have any information on when we can expect to get metro information in GetDPSDepartures?


  • The new real-time API will probably be accessible in a few weeks, given the API proxy upgrade is accomplished according to plan.

  • No, there is no such information.

    / Lars

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