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SL Travel Planner 3.1 Error

I'm new in SL Travel Planner 3.1 API. I have made a project and got an API key, when I sent the request via this API call I always get this error {"Status Code": 1002, "Message": "Key is invalid"}.
I'm using the SL Travel 3.1 API documentation page & id = 1 | 3598 | 0 | 74 | 13062017
Kindly tell me what's the issue in my request?


  • Hi Murtaza
    It seems there is some invalid space between your key and ID
    Try to remove the spaces.
    Below you have an example request:<API-key>&id=1|66101|0|74|14052019
    Regards Pia
    Team Trafiklab

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