SL transport API

Hi, I'm try to integrate the new SL transport API to retrieve live departure data. I saw in the documentation that since no API key is necessary is not possible to make excessive requests as it was for SL realtime 4. We use to make about 50k requests per day with the previews API, do you think that would be possible to request as many to this API?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Silvia,

    While it may be possible, it seems like you are scraping data for a lot of trips. You should consider using the GTFS-Regional Realtime feed for SL instead. Using this feed you will get all delays for all trips every 15 seconds, meaning you get much more frequent updates from a system that is designed to transfer these amounts of information (i.e. which doesn't require 50k requests per day, where the request count isn't a possible risk/issue).

    Bert på Trafiklab

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