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SL Station Exit Information

Is there any way to find the exit information from the stop
like if i search
tcentralen to älta station
then on slussen i need to change buss and there are multiple exits
i saw in one app that they showed the exit information.
can you please refer me to exact api name


  • Hello Farrukh,
    You can see the correct exist from SL subway in the app "Res i Stockholm" on an iPhone when You make a trip search.

    Is that what You are looking for?

    Best regards, Åke

  • It should be "Res i Sthlm" to be correct.

  • thanks for the answer But we are developing an app same as Res i stockholm so we need to know on the api level. Where to extract the information from
    exit information for station like slussen for example.
    like when we come out from train then we need to check which exit to take.

    thanks for the quick response

  • Hello Farrukh,

    I think I know what You are looking for. You can find the coordinates for the tube exits of at the web page: (it's a crow sourced page).

    This information has been collected by a non related Trafiklab person so there is no warrenty for correctness.

    Hope it will help You in your solution.

    Best regards, Åke

  • crowd sourced (and not crow sourced)...

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