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SL Reseplanerare 2 Phasing Out ?

Hi I have a question if the SL Reseplanerare 2 will be phased out.Because you are launching SL Reseplanerare 3 I think after 15th of June. Just want to know how long SL Reseplanerare 2 will be remained available.

Best Regards
Farrukh Qamar


  • Hi Farukh,
    Since the next version is not yet completely tested and some faults are left to correct we haven't decided a date for shutting down version 2. Hopefully everything will be tested and working in version 3 after the summer, and then there will be at least 3 months transition period before shutting down Reseplanerare 2. Information about a date will probably be published in August, 3 months ahead.


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