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Hello Team,

I am trying to get a data of all the bus lines with their stop names. I can use model line where I get all the line number but not the stop names. there is another parameter where I can get the stopIDs for each line but still no stop names. can you guide me with what will be the best case to get this data?

Thanks in advance,
Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh


  • I'm not at my "coding computer" now, but if you download the GTFS static data ZIP for the region of interest, the data should be there. You have the routes, the trips for each route, and the stops for each trip. You need to import and match them up in some DB I guess.

    (Brief reply, I know... But perhaps it helps somewhat anyway...)


    Lars Lengberg

    Lars Lengberg
  • Hi
    Anyway to get this data from the apis?
    input: line id
    output: stops informations

    my case requires calling the apis not reading files.

  • It seems that `JourneyPatternPointNumber` and `StopPointNumber` are the same thing, aka stop id?
  • It seems the idea is to read dynamic information via APIs, and then download static information (such as the stops on a certain line) as files in a ZIP. Perhaps you can build your own APIs for returning "stops on a certain line" from a downloaded ZIP, and then call them yourself..? 😉
    Lars Lengberg

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