SJ GTFS empty

We have noticed that the SJ GTFS is empty. (
Do you know why and when this will be fixed?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Petra,

    This is due to recent changes in how data flows between different train operators
    While we are working to restore the full functionality, in the meanwhile I have manually triggered an update from the new data flows in order to have some data available. Note that route and trip names may differ, and only traffic for SJ is included (no other operators, which were included in earlier feeds). Due to caching it may take a while before this file can be downloaded, but it should be available in a couple of hours.

    As an alternative you could use the GTFS Sweden 2 feed for these companies which are not available in GTFS Regional. GTFS Sweden 2 contains all public transport for Sweden, albeit in lesser detail.

    Bert på Trafiklab
  • Thank you!

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