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Samtrafiken Real Time feed

Hey! We want to use Samtrafiken Real Time feed to get the results with snapshots of vehicle locations. Our key seems to be outdated — can you provide a new one?
Or maybe is there a different feed we could use?
We also use Resrobot feed but it gives results for next bus, not snapshot.

Thank you!


  • Hello and shalom,

    For GTFS Sverige 2 we've change platform as informed in the newsletter in december. If you haven't already switched, I have to urge to create a new key for GTFS Sverige 2. I can't create keys for your project, only upgrade existing keys!

    Kind regards,
    Product manager Trafiklab
  • We are using this GTFS - Sweden 2. But where can we find the Real Time source snapshot with matching trip ids?

  • Hello again Anastasia. The realtime information we currently have avalible can be found either in the GTFS Regional Realtime (currently 8 PTA's), Oxify Realtidspositionering or SL Realtidsinformation (SL Only) depending on what information you're looking for!

    Does this answer you question, or can I help in any other way?

  • Hey Anastasia!

    GTFS Sweden 2 does not have realtime data. Our "new" GTFS Regional feeds do have realtime data as they are based on new internal data flows.

    Unfortunately, the fact that these 2 APIs are created from different internal data flows mean that it currently isn't possible to directly combine the GTFS Sverige 2 with the GTFS Regional realtime data. We don't have an estimate as to when a national feed with realtime data will be available, although we are working on it.

    You could always search results in the GTFS Sverige 2 data, then try to match these manually with departures from the GTFS Regional (static + realtime) data manually, but this would be a workaround and might not deliver the needed accuracy.

    Let us know if we can help you further.

    Bert på Trafiklab
  • Hey Bert, thank you — this was exactly my question. Is there maybe another static data source that would match GTFS Regional RT?

    Thank you!
  • Hey Anastasia,

    The only other data source from the same data source is our NeTEx API, which also has one file per operator. Realtime NeTEx information (in the SIRI format) will be added later. At this time we don't have a "national" file that matches with the realtime data.

    Bert på Trafiklab
  • Great, thank you!
    We will check NeTEx information

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