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Routes in GTFS Regional vs GTFS Sverige 2

I need to extract stop locations at different points in time (years) that correspond to certain routes(or specific public transport modes)in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm (e.g stops for SkaneExpressen or regional buses in Skåne). I have started with the GTFS Sverige 2 historical data, however realised that to extract the routes I need the descriptions from the GTFS Regional (as the GTFS Sverige 2 route types doesn’t differentiate between different local regional and bus lines). I understand that these two data may not be readily combined and the stop ids vary across them. My question is if the routes also have different ids? I would appreciate if you have any suggestions for how to join route attributes from GTFS Regional to GTFS Sverige 2.

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Hi Zara,

    The data for GTFS Regional and GTFS Sverige 2 comes from completely different sources, and they therefore have different IDs. Since the GTFS Regional data is more detailed, it might even separate some routes at route instead of trip level (for example a bus line and its "X" version), which could cause additional issues when using both feeds (I do not have an example for this, and am unsure if there are cases like this, but knowing the data flows and systems behind them it would not surprise me). In this case I would recommend you to only use the GTFS Sverige 2 API, and to extract the routes based on their itinerary instead of description.

    How many years of historical data do you need? If you only need it for a relatively recent period (2020-2021) we might be able to get you historical GTFS Regional feeds.


    Bert på Trafiklab

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