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Regarding the train L21


I am using the API "SL Real Time 2". It works fine for me except for L21. I cannot get any valid information about L21.
For example, the "Gåshaga brygga" id is 9239.
Then the API is:

The data I got from is as follows:

"ClientError": null,
"ExecutionTime": "00:00:00.0392055",
"LatestUpdate": "/Date(1388434477000+0100)/",
"ServerError": null,
"Buses": [],
"Metros": [],
"StopPointDeviations": [],
"Trains": [],
"Trams": []

Could you please help me check what is the matter? Is there any problem with the server?
Thanks for your time on this issue.


  • The tram "Lidingöbanan", L21, is replaced by bus since 21 June 2013 for about 1,5 year due to modernization.

  • So it is. Thank you very much.

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