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Public Transportation Data Uppsala län

Hej san,
in the context of a course project within my study programme at SLU, I need geographic data on the public transportation system in Uppsala (e.g. location of busstops, frequency of departures). Where can I find such data? Maybe you can help me out on this, thank you!
Best regards 😀


  • Hi Sebastian,

    In GTFS Sverige 2 you will find the locations of master stops in the file stops.txt.
    A master stop does not define the exact stop point position but rather an area representing many stop points. Its coordinates are somewhere in between the stop points.

    If you are interested in the exact stop point positions, please examine GTFS Regional Beta for UL instead.

    When it comes to getting the frequency of departures you must calculate it yourself for each stop using the GTFS stop_times.txt file. In that file all departures can be found.

    Kind Regard,

    Team Trafiklab

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