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parking tracks for trains coming to and leaving hagalund

i need specific infomation about the depot tracks

Hi traffic verket
im trying to develop a project that will make it easier to access
information about which track numbers that the incoming trains to hagalund depot will be finally parked on.

i need an api that has the following details.
Trains going to and leaving hagalund depot – ankomst, avgoende and track numbers that the trains will be parked on and leaving from.

im looking on your api section of your website and i cannot see any example s
on how to use your api's and key. please can you point me to a more fulling web-page showing me a few examples on usage
im currently programming in eclipse writing android, java code.

thank you for your help in advance

earl anderson


  • Hi Earl!

    I'm sorry but Trafikverkets API dosen't pass that kind of information with their API. If you look at trafikverkets API site you will find some useful information on how to use their API.


    I hope it helps


    Team Trafiklab

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