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Parent_stations in GTFS Regional Static Data (SL)

When comparing the stops.txt between the Regional Static Data API and the GTFS Sweden 2 API I noticed that one of the major differences was the number of parent_stations / stop_areas in the Regional Static Data API, specifically in the Stockholm region. What is the purpose of having so many stops inside parent_stations, particularly concerning individual or pairs of bus stops? The specification Seems to suggest the parent station Should only be created for physical buildings such as train stations or coach shuttle bays.




  • Hi,

    According to the specifications, parent_station for a quay is supposed to be a "station", but this "station" is defined as "either a physical building or an area". In the case of one or more bus stops, it is a physical area.

    As to why or why not have a parent_stop.

    Since parent_stop is optional for small stops, you could argue that it isn't needed for a pair of bus stops, however, that would mean travellers would search knowing which side of the road they're going to leave from. The truth is that they consider it an area where they want to go to or leave from, and this truth is represented as such in our data. It can happen that a single stop gets marked with a parent_stop, as we don't distinguish between stop areas that have one or more stops. This should not be an issue, and even makes data processing easier, as there are no special cases. Instead all stops are represented in the same way. I'd also argue this matches the real-world truth, namely that a traveller wants to travel to or from that area and doesn't care whether there's one or two or four quays, as long as they can travel to and from that area.

    I hope this helps, let us know if this didn't answer all your questions.

    Bert på Trafiklab

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