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Metro information is error sometimes.


I use "SL Real-Time Information" to get Metro realtime information. Most of time it works well. But sometimes it return wrong information.

for example, I tried to enquire the metro information of "Stadion" of T14:


The data I got is follows:

"SiteId": "9205",
"TransportMode": "METRO",
"StationName": "Stadion",
"GroupOfLine": "Tunnelbanans röda linje",
"DisplayRow1": "13 Mörby centrum 8 min",
"DisplayRow2": "14 Mörby centrum 10 min, 14 Mörby centrum 15 min"

The problem is the line:
"DisplayRow1": "13 Mörby centrum 8 min",

as we know, the T13 is "Ropsten <----> Norsborg", and at the Station station, there shouldn't have T13.

I guess it maybe "14 Mörby centrum 8 min" instead of "13 Mörby centrum 8 min".

Could you please help to check is this a bug? many thanks to you all.

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  • Hi!

    I get this response:

    "SiteId": "9205",
    "TransportMode": "METRO",
    "StationName": "Stadion",
    "GroupOfLine": "Tunnelbanans röda linje",
    "DisplayRow1": "14 Mörby centrum 2 min",
    "DisplayRow2": "14 Mörby centrum 5 min, 14 Mörby centrum 10 min"

    Maybe it was a onetime error. Please write to us if the problem appears again.

    Team Trafiklab
  • Thanks for your so quick response.

    Yes, most of time, it can return correct information.

    I just test 3 times just now, one of them is not correct.
    I suggest that you can test more, I believe it will occur again.

  • The metro real-time info returns strings fetched from the metro display system.

    If the line/destination info should be wrong then it's probably nothing to do with the API-system. Compare for example with the info at http://reseplanerare.sl.se/bin/query.exe/en if you have doubts about the real-time info line data. If the two systems mismatch we will investigate the API response further.

    Otherwise you should contact the SL customer service if something is wrong with the traffic information systems.

  • Would you gently tell me how you detected if a transit in trips.txt is a metro, bus, tram or other?

  • Hello Fabrizio!

    In routes.txt according to Google documentation:

    route_type Required
    The route_type field describes the type of transportation used on a route. Valid values for this field are:

    • 0 - Tram, Streetcar, Light rail. Any light rail or street level system within a metropolitan area.
    • 1 - Subway, Metro. Any underground rail system within a metropolitan area.
    • 2 - Rail. Used for intercity or long-distance travel.
    • 3 - Bus. Used for short- and long-distance bus routes.
    • 4 - Ferry. Used for short- and long-distance boat service.
    • 5 - Cable car. Used for street-level cable cars where the cable runs beneath the car.
    • 6 - Gondola, Suspended cable car. Typically used for aerial cable cars where the car is suspended from the cable.
    • 7 - Funicular. Any rail system designed for steep inclines.

    BR, Åke

    Team Trafiklab
  • I, thank you very much. Could you please also help me in untangling the relation between routes, stop_times and stops? The former two seem to be linked to specific travels rather than being static and so produce a whopping number of entries, and lines passing by a certain bus.

  • Anyway has it a meaning than in all the Scandinavia there are just these metros:
    that even seem a single one?

    Moreover has that ULT or other ending any meaning?

  • Moreover I am still at a loss in understanding how to link the buses or metros passing by a station with the station. Both trips and stop_times seem to embed the actual information about the passing buses or metros at the various times with the result hundreds of lines pass through each stop possibly only being distinguished by the time of the day at which the bus passes, instead of just its path.
    I also noticed each of this funky entry has a brand new trip-id; thereafter the notion of time based entries also creeps into the trips (lucky not in the routes too, from what I understood).
    How may I distill the information so to have just one single line whatever are the buses running it during the day?

  • In fact bus 251_9_BLT has a whopping number of 791 lines grouped in just two destinations: "Uppsala Timjansgatan" and "Uppsala Mimmi Ekholms plats" making absolutely no sense as the number of actual paths run by the buses is probably just more than two. I could of course group on the destinations, but that would also ditch actual lines with the same destination but a different starting station or path that should instead be retained.

  • Regarding the number of metro lines they still seem to be quite few given just Oslo has 6 lines, Stockholm 3 and Helsinki 1 for a total of 10 metros, while I just have 7 altogether.

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