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Magic mirror application-public transport Stockholm

I was trying to run your magic mirror SL -public transport application, installed GIT and cloned repository but After i am not clear how to run npm and node findstation stuff, do you have more documentation about it? i am trying to use it to get timetable from Gullmarsplan station.it would be great if you can guide me abit more, I never used GIT Before. look forward for your suggestions.


  • Hi,

    We do not have our own MagicMirror projects, these are only forks we use to contribute improvements to the original repositories. We currently don't offer support for these. Please make use of resources available on the web: there are plenty of tutorials and resources about how to install and use npm and nodejs.

    You can find the original repository here:
    - https://github.com/boghammar/MMM-SL-PublicTransport

    Bert på Trafiklab

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