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Line identifier


I have 2 questions about the identification of lines.

In the response from the 'LineData' interface when using the 'line' model, what is the difference between the 'LineNumber' and 'LineDesignation' fields?

In the response from realtimedeparturesV4, does the 'LineNumber' field link with the 'LineNumber' and 'LineDesignation' field in the response from the 'LineData' interface?

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  • Hello,

    In the Stops and lines api, Line "number" and "designation" are most often identical. The use of "designation" is commonly used for replacement traffic. For replacement traffic the buses can't use the same line numbers as the rail traffic it replaces uses.

    For example, the Tvärbanan replacement traffic uses two different lines, with line numbers 922 and 950. But when we communicate the line number we want to use the same numbers as for the traffic it replaces (line 22). Therefore, the line designation for these lines are 22.

    Realtimedeparturesv4 actually uses a form of line designation, although it's called line number. It isn't (necessarily) the same designation as in the Stops and lines api, to make it more complicated. The stops and lines api uses a static baseline designation, whereas the realtime departures uses a designation that is derived from the actual traffic data (when applicable). However, if no designation is present in the traffic data, the designation from stops and lines should come in to use.


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