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is there a travel ticket tracking database?

how can I access the passenger's purchased ticket info ? (such as)

1, the date and time that the ticket was purchased
2, the train category that the passenger is on (for example x2, loc-vagn, x40 or x55)
2, the traveller's journey. start and destination
3, expiry date and time for the ticket purchased ticket

the above 3 requirements are the information at a minimum that I would need within my project. the data can be provided as api, direct database connection or
pre rendered queries written to xml files.
please do you provide such a service or info and if not please could you then redirect me as to where or whom should I contact

thank you


  • Hi Earl

    Those who can have that kind of information are the operator, so I refer you to them

    Regards Pia
    Team Trafiklab

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