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Is the Content-Type header in ResRobot route planning service response correct or not?

Resrobot documentation states that:

UTF-8 encoding
This API uses UTF-8 as encoding for both parameters and responses. Due to an known error, the header of the response may say it ISO-8859-1. Please force UTF-8.

At the same time, there was a blog post about the service update http://www.trafiklab.se/blogg/2013/aug/13e-sept...

I don't know Swedish, but as far as I understood Google Translated version of the text, Content-Type header issue should be fixed. In our application we force UTF-8, but now it seems that the result is actually in ISO-8859-1 and the Content-Type is correct now. If it is so, your documentation seems outdated.


  • Hi!

    Our supplier have changed the API answer to UTF-8.


    Team Trafiklab

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