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How to use your API in right way in app


You have condition of usage in your web page:
"copy Provided Data in order to create your own transcript of the Provided Data (the prohibition against copying does, however, not apply to temporary copies for the purpose of caching). Provided Data must always be retrieved via the API;"

We are providing app for mobile phones which is using similar info in Finland. We are using the GTFS, but we do our own database to serve users in best way and to limit queries to servers (to avoid lag in user experience). Is this NOT accepted by you? Of course we are refreshing the GTFS dump / database multiple times to give fresh info for users.

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  • Hello Jyrki,
    Your usage of the GTFS is in line with Trafiklab conditions.

    Please,check the GTFS control file for new updates to avoid unnecessary downloads.
    New GTFS zip is normaly created 4 times a week.

    Best regards, Åke

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