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How to get ServiceDays of a train in resrobot within the timetbale period?

I have subscribed to resrobot and can do requests successfully. But I only get ServiceDays data of a train if I do the request for a date when this train is running. Any way to get this general information with a generic request by setting only
&originId= &destId= &maxChange=0 &time= ?
My current (successful) request:

If I do a request without date, I get "SVC_NO_RESULT" because the requested train does not run on the current date. But how do I get the general data (ServiceDays) for a specific train (#3901) by generic request?

Any suggestion?


  • Hej Johannes,

    You can obtain the (binary) ServiceDays pattern by searching for the specific trip, so you will have to enter a valid date first (since the trip/servicedays depends on the date). Unfortunately, we don't have an endpoint for specific train numbers at this moment.

    You could consider using the GTFS Sverige 2 data, which is exactly the same data as ResRobot Reseplanerare uses. You can either filter out the relevant data for yourself, or you can use a software package like OpenTripPlanner to create your own API from the data.

    Bert på Trafiklab

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