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How do I get a download of the Swedish Stops NeTEx file.

Neither of my API keys (for NeTEx Regional Static data  or NeTEx Sweden Static data (beta) ) gives me access to download the  Stops data (beta) Netex file.

But using the embedded link on that page If you don´t have a key yet, read here on how to get one. gives me error 404 page not found.
Mike Stallybrass


  • Hi Mike,
    I´m not able to identify the problem, everything seem to be working on our side and it looks like you have the correct keys. Could you try downloading the file again? and what kind of errors are you getting?

    Regarding the link we have updated the info page but missed to update this link. We will make sure to correct it. Thank you. Here is the correct link in the meantime : https://www.trafiklab.se/docs/using-trafiklab/projects/

    To get the best overview of your API-keys you can log into https://developer.trafiklab.se/login and head to "my projects". There you are also able to create new keys. 

    Best regards,
    Sofie på Trafiklab
  • Hi again Mike,
    I double checked and you need to add a separate key with the same name as the API, "Stops data (beta)". You can easily do it on your project page on https://developer.trafiklab.se/

    Best regards,
    Sofie på Trafiklab

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