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GTFS Static Data: the day when the trip_id is served


we are trying to use GTFS Static Data to understand how many bus journeys there are within one hour, however, we can not find a way to identify on which day of the week they are served. Trip_id is not very helpful as it's values do not seem to be assigned in any specific order.

Do you know if is is possible to extract more details regarding the timetable from the static data? Such as, the days of the week when a specific trip_id is served?


Kind regards,
Leyla Isaeva.


  • Hi Leyla,

    The dates on which a trip is served are listed in calendar_dates, linked through a service_id. You could extract the days a trip runs by going through this list of dates, and filtering all dates that are for example a Tuesday.

    Bert på Trafiklab
  • Indeed! Thanks for the clarification, Bert.


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