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GTFS Regional

Good Morning,

I downloaded GTFS regional (beta) for Otraf. I noticed that in routes.txt there are duplicates of routes.
We find the same value for :

This is impacting route_short_name : 2, 3, 4, 429 and 102.

For example, it's impossible to differentiate the two routes "2" without a different route_long_name.

could you populate route_long_name so we can differentiate routes?

Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Marta
    Thanks for your input
    If you use route_id you can differentiate routes.
    One question, why do you want to use route_long_name to differentiate routes?

    Regards Pia

    Team Trafiklab
  • Good afternoon Pia, 

    Thank you so much for your answer.

    We have a dashboard to visualize multiple routes at the same time on a map. We integrated data from OTRAF. 
    We use commercial name of routes to help passengers, that's why we use "short_name" and "long_name". If you can see in his screen shot, Route 2 from Norrkoping and Linkoping has the same short_name. The only way to differentiate is with route_id. But I'm afraid that route_id  '9011005900200000' and '9011005020200000' won't be intuitive for passengers. 

    In this link you can see what happens when we select Route number 2 ( both routes show up).

    If you can populate long_name, we would combine bothering information, making each route unique. At the same time a passenger could understand the difference between both routes and they would see "Route 2" instead of "Route 9011005900200000". 

  • Hi Marta,
    We need to discuss this issue with Östgötatrafiken. We will get back to you as soon as we have more information.

    Have a great weekend
    Team Trafiklab
  • Hello,

    Do you have any update on this? 

    thanks in advance,
  • Hi Marta
    It is under investigation, and I will let you know the status during the progress

    Regards Pia
    Team Trafiklab

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