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GTFS Regional Realtime (beta) Key does not have access to file


For the past few days we have been receiving the following response from the GTFS Regional Realtime (beta) API:

{"errorMessage":"Key does not have access to file"}

Our key ends with 62e9a25 and we have the Silver level.

Could you guide us on what originates this problem?

Thank you,

Esteban Serrano


  • Hi,

    Last week we disabled a redirect from '/<operator>/TripUpdates.pb' to '/gtfs-rt/<operator>/TripUpdates.pb'. From now on, only '/gtfs-rt/<operator>/TripUpdates.pb' works.

    This change was communicated in the beginning of 2020 (where we said the old URLs would stop working at the end of Marsh 2020), after which we sent another mail to users who had not updated their applications in the beginning of April. We then guaranteed the working of the old links until mid-april 2020.

    Please make sure:
    - That your Trafiklab account contains an up-to-date e-mail address
    - That mail from Trafiklab doesn't end up in your spam folder

    Updating your application to use the url's including the 'gtfs' and 'gtfs-rt' will resolve this issue.

    Bert på Trafiklab
  • Hello Bert,

    Thank you for this information.Indeed, modifying the URL solved the problem.



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