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Get site geo positions


Is there a way to get site positions by their IDs?

The gives you only name and ID , but what about the positions?

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  • GetSite is replaced by a new API, SL Platsuppslag, which also returns geo positions:


  • Hm...

    For me it is always responding the same thing (starting with Barkarby ...)

    Is it still under development?

    This is what I use:

  • Sorry, forgot to mention that! The current version is a test version and is only returning mockup data.
    We´re planning to have the API in production and returning real data in the end of this month.Then you will need to apply for a key for access, and change the url. The documentation (in swedish) will then be updated with this information.


  • That's great.

    I look forward to it.

  • Any alternative places to get the list of sites with positions for now?

  • Sorry, there is no alternative places.


    Team Trafiklab

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