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Fel-data (SL)

Reading the data file I noticed that a certain bus was not going at all. But according to the SL online planner, it goes all day. It looks like there is an error in the dataset.

I found this in both the dataset from the 7th and the 12th (of dec)

The problem I noticed is that bus 275_705_BLT has no service on 12-12-12, which is incorrect according to the planning database because it goes at least once an hour in both directions.


  • oh, I typed this on the 'kontakta oss' page on another site, a bit surprised that it ends up on kundo. Anyway, my question above was about the GTFS service from Trafiklab.

  • Thanks for your note! I ask our specialists to look into this and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The data that SL delivered a couple of weeks ago is missing traffic data on weekdays for the period December 7-20 on some of the buses in the 700-series. We've received a new data delivery and as soon as that is released the error will be corrected.

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