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Example on Resrobot-reseplanerare has incorrect parameter

Hi there, hope this finds you well.

This is quick heads up in case if it saves someone else some time: the example on this page (https://www.trafiklab.se/api/resrobot-reseplanerare/dokumentation/sokresa) uses 'destid' instead of 'destId' (e.g. there should be capitalized 'I' in there) which when used in browser with proper API key results in HTTP 500 response.

After replacing 'destid' with 'destId', and removing all the spaces, the request worked as expected for me, so you might want to update documentation page to save people some time.

Warm regards
Zoryana Tischenko
Zoryana Tischenko Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hello Zoryana,
    Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems there is a problem with the translation service we are using. We will look into the translation issue at once.

    Kind regards
    Team Trafiklab

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