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Error 429 when trying to download GTFS data

We are Transit Data Engineering team from company Here GmbH and we are using your GTFS data in our system via automatic fetch.
Therefor used account is: real_time_transit_sourcing@here.com
As we could see we have Silver licence - unfortunately since a few days the downloads are failing with the following error (example Varmsland):

failed - HTTPError('429 Client Error: for url: https://opendata.samtrafiken.se/gtfs/varm/varm.zip?key=<apiKey>')

Please could you check our account and the concerning settings and help us finding out the reason for that?

Many thanks and Best regards
Rebecca Kiesling


  • Hi,

    The reason for this error is that the used key has exceeded the allowed number of calls per 30 days or per minute. Please check your systems to see what might cause this in case this error popped up out of nowhere - if the quota were high enough in earlier months, there might be something wrong now causing more requests.

    You can upgrade the key by clicking the upgrade button just below the key in the project.

    Bert på Trafiklab

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