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Does new Reseplanerare API have "walk speed" parameter?

We noticed, that walk speed in new API: https://www.trafiklab.se/api/resrobot-reseplane... is too low. In 80% of cases we examined, it was equal to 2-2,5 km/h. While in reality (and in similar services, like Google Transport) this value is more close to 5 km/h.

As far as we remember, the old API: https://www.trafiklab.se/api/resrobot-sok-resa/... has parameter "walkSpeed".

Does new API support this parameter? Can we somehow increase walk speed used for calculating duration of walk-only legs?


  • Perhaps it includes a lower speed to take into calculation walks in stairs, escalators, exit and entry from crammed metro stations, walks from one platform to another(e.g. flight path 5meters, actual walking distance 150meters), etc?

  • As far as we understood, ResRobot walk speed depends on whether full route has only one leg and it is walk leg, or it is multiple legs and one of them is with walk leg.

    Here is a sample which illustrates this difference (please, use you key for testing ResRobot API calls).

    1. Walk-only route (OK - ResRobot speed is almost equal to Google speed, and is close to standard walk speed = 5 km/h).

    Origin: Göteborg Centralstation (originId=7400002)
    Destination: Åkareplatsen 4, 411 03 Göteborg (destCoordLat=57.7085278&destCoordLong=11.9755264)

    ResRobot API call: https://api.resrobot.se/trip?key=<USE_YOUR_KEY>&format=json&passlist=0&originId=7400002&destCoordLat=57.7085278&destCoordLong=11.9755264&searchForArrival=1&format=json

    Time and speed:
    Google Maps: 160 m, 2 min = 4,8 km/h
    ResRobot: 186 m, 2 min = 5,6 km/h

    1. Route with walk leg (Wrong - ResRobot speed is almost twice less than speed in Google Maps and standard walk speed = 5 km/h).

    ResRobot API call: https://api.resrobot.se/trip?key=<USE_YOUR_KEY>&format=json&passlist=0&originId=7400002&destCoordLat=57.676625&destCoordLong=11.985887&searchForArrival=1&format=json

    Origin: Göteborg Centralstation (originId=7400002)
    Destination: Kämpegatan 15, 431 39 Mölndal (destCoordLat=57.676625&destCoordLong=11.985887)

    Time and speed of the last walk leg from station "Grågåsgatan (Mölndal kn)" to "Kämpegatan 36, Mölndal":
    Google Maps: 180 m, 2 min = 5,4 km/h
    ResRobot: 97 m, 4 min = 2,9 km/h

  • Hello Daniel and hwbs!

    We will get back You soon on this issue - it's under investigation.

    Best regards, Åke

    Team Trafiklab
  • Hello!

    I'm Sorry but it will take me some additional time before I have an answer for You.

    Best Regards, Åke

    Team Trafiklab
  • Thanks! We highly appreciate that you inform us about your progress.

    Please, let us know, if you have additional news.

  • Hello again!

    Here is some information for You (it might be more information than You need):

    Currently, is the walking speed 3 km/h. The time for origin walk and destination walk is calculated as the walking time + 2 minutes of orientation time rounded to closest minute with a minimum of 5 minutes walking time.

    This results in that it takes long time to walk a short distance.

    I'm investigating how to increase the walking to 5 km/h - leaving all other logic intact.
    Hopefully, can this change be implemented within a month.

    My suggestions is that You wait for this change, but if You want to change the walking speed in Your application - You use the input parameter originWalk and/or destWalk.
    The input parameters works the same and takes four parameters (see documentation of Resrobot - Reseplanerare / Sok Resa https://www.trafiklab.se/api/resrobot-reseplane... ) for al parameters.

    It's the fourth parameter that increases/decreases the walking speed.

    originWalk=1,0,1000,75 (the speed will be 75% of the configured speed)
    originWalk=1,0,1000,200 (the speed will be twice as fast as the configured speed)

    Best regards, Åke

    Team Trafiklab
  • Thanks so much for your detailed answer!

    Most likely we will try new parameters: originWalk and destWalk.

    What are default values of the second and third numbers in parameters? Zero and 1000? We would like to leave them untouched, but change only the fourth one - walk speed.

    And we would highly appreciate if you give us a note when the change about 5 km/h is done. We would like to exam how new routes will be calculated in our application.

  • Hello!

    We have now increased the walking speed to 5 km/h (it did not take a month after all).
    You still can use the originWalk and destWalk parameter (as described earlier) to increase/decrease the walking speed if You desire.

    I will come back to You with the default value of the second and third parameters.

    Best regards, Åke

    Team Trafiklab

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