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Difference between SL Störningsinformation 2 and SL Trafikläget 2

I don't quite get the difference between SL Störningsinformation 2 and SL Trafikläget 2. It seems that the content of the informations is sometimes quite similar.
Are those APIs fed from different systems or what is the difference?

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi Matthias,
    yes its two totally separate systems. Trafikläget 2 aim to give a comprehensive picture of how the different types of traffic are running.

    Störningsinformation 2 aim to give information about all deviations that the customers need to be aware of, also more detailed information such as a delayed departure or a moved busstop. This information is handled in a more complex system with much more possibilities to tag the information, which means there are more possibilities to combine the information with other traffic data. The information has the same origin as the deviations messages presented in Reseplanerare 2 for example.

  • Cool. Thank you very much!
  • Is it possible to get a more detailed information regarding the info in Störningsinformation? I am particularly interested in the priority field? Is it possible to differentiate between a problem related to station and to a line for instance?
  • Next version of the API will give you more detailed information. The aim is to have a test version of the new API available in a month or two.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    If I wanted to categorize deviations how should I approach this? What I want to do is to sort out deviations that have traffic impact from "broken elevator at Slussen" kinds of deviations.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards
  • Is there any documentation for the new, upcoming version?
  • At the moment there are no possibility to categorize the deviations, other than by interpreting the information text.

    The documentation of the new API will be available at the same time as the test version.

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