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Can't create new project.


I tried to create a new project yesterday with the Regional (Beta) API and filled out all the necessary information, however upon clicking save there was no response. I checked my API-keys and Projects under my account but nothing had generated.

I re-tried a couple of times this morning but nothing has changed.

Is there perhaps something I am doing incorrectly?



Michael Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Michael
    I tried to create a new project with the Regional (Beta) API, and it worked fine.
    Can you try to create a project and respond if it went well.
    If not, can you please describe in more detail your steps when you create a project

    Regards Pia

    Team Trafiklab
  • Hi Pia,

    I tried again and it still did not work.

    My process is as follows:

    1. Go onto Project tab
    2. Click Create New Project
    3. Name the project
    4. Select GTFS Regional (Beta) as the API for my project
    5. Leave the project status as Test
    6. Create a short description
    7. Add a few tags, such as "Test" and "test project"
    8. Click save at the bottom

    After this the page seems to respond by refreshing, however I cannot find any project information on my account page.

    I hope this helps,

  • Hi Pia,

    The problem is now solved, the issue was caused by the page being translated into English by the browser, when I turned off the auto-translation the project was created.

    Thanks for the help,

  • HI Michael
    It was nice news that you resolved it.
    Thanks for the information regarding auto-translation.
    We'll see how we can solve it.

    Regards Pia
    Team Trafiklab

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