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Can't add API to the project

Hey! I have a project open and I want to add SL Platsuppslag API - but I can't.
I open project ---> edit ---> choose the API ---> press save. But nothing happens. Can you help me with it?


  • Hi Anastasia
    Can you please check if it works now?
    Regards Pia
    Team Trafiklab
  • Yes, thank you!
  • Good news :-)
    Team Trafiklab
  • Hey!
    Can we do the RT requests to your API using the stop ID / trip ID / Route ID? 
    Also we had a proxy error when we tried to enter SL Platsuppslag API

  • Hi,

    Can you please open a new topic per question? You can also search existing questions here: .

    If you open a new issue, please always include the exact API you're talking about, and, if applicable, include a sample request so we can check if contains the right parameters. Don't forget to remove your API keys when sharing example requests. Right now we're missing information to be able to help you.

    Best regards,
    Team Trafiklab
  • Got it! 
    Thank you!

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