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Cannot update password

I forgot my password and requested a reset. I have received the link and could login with one time access token, as the banner says. However when trying to update my password, after entering the new one 2 times, I press on "Spara" and nothing happens. The password is not updated and I have to request a new one-time login token.
Reproduced on mac and windows, Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)


  • Hello Slava!The password can only be changed if You enter the old one. The easiest way is to delete Your account, so You can create a new one. I searched for Slava but no profle is found with that name. 
    Please, let me know what email account You registered when You created the account.
    Best regards, Åke
  • Hi Åke,I see, thank you. That's unfortunate, I would not want to update all of my keyes if that's possible.I have used this email:
  • Hi Slava,-Ok!I will try to find another solution. Back  to You later this week.
    Best regards, Åke
  • Hello Slava!You should be able to reset the password now - Please, try again.
    Best regards, Åke

  • Thanks for your help, it worked now.

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