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Cannot login or create a new login on Trafiklab

Hi i have some problem with trafiklab.se
1) trying to login but cant
2) i asked to resend the password but it said that it is underrepair and it would be back.
3) i also checked by creating a new login but same coming back soon after repair message came
is it still not working or i have some problem on my side?


  • Hello Farrukh!
    We will check Your problem tomorrow.
    Best regards, Åke

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Does it mean that other people can logged in ? and the problem is only with my login.
    I am trying to login from Stockholm.

    Best Regards
    Farrukh Qamar

  • Hello again,
    It's a generic problem when creating a new user account. A User that already have an account is able to enter into Trafiklab.
    I'll let You know when it's fixed.

    Best regards, Åke

  • thanks for the update.Sorry to ask you again actually our application is stuck because of this login problem we need to request for a key and we cant do it right now because of this.Like we cannot login. So you meant that you will let me know by tomorrow regarding my login problem?
    because still i can use API key for general SL route
    but i cannot login.

    Best Regards

  • hi thanks a lot
    It has started working
    Atleast now i can logged in 😀

  • Yes, It's working now. Good luck with Your project.

    Best regards, Åke

  • Thanks Åke
    I think i have now identified some bug.I requested a new password. The system said that it is one time password so change it.When i changed it. The next time it didnt let me in.
    Is it a known bug or there is some work around

    Thanks in advance 😀

  • Sorry åke it is because of some language problem. I was entering only email id as user name. Just figured out that i need to enter my user name.
    It is working now 😀

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