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Cannot find the site "Gärdet" via "SL Platsuppslag"?

Hi gentleman,

I plan to change to API SL Platsuppslag. Most of station name can be found in "SL Platsuppslag". but I find the I cannot find Gärdet. Is there anybody can tell me why?
Many thanks to you.

The response is as follows:
StatusCode: 0,
Message: null,
ExecutionTime: 0,
ResponseData: [
Name: "Getfotsvägen (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "1875",
Type: "Station",
X: "18077630",
Y: "59261260"
Name: "Getvägen (Täby)",
SiteId: "2328",
Type: "Station",
X: "18051669",
Y: "59464767"
Name: "Getstigen (Huddinge)",
SiteId: "7195",
Type: "Station",
X: "18009906",
Y: "59160599"
Name: "Hötorget (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "9119",
Type: "Station",
X: "18063868",
Y: "59335529"
Name: "Mälartorget (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "1345",
Type: "Station",
X: "18068192",
Y: "59323016"
Name: "Mariatorget (t-banan) (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "9297",
Type: "Station",
X: "18062115",
Y: "59317011"
Name: "Gränsberget (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "1586",
Type: "Station",
X: "18116293",
Y: "59279751"
Name: "Islandstorget (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "9106",
Type: "Station",
X: "17893351",
Y: "59346415"
Name: "Höglandstorget (Stockholm)",
SiteId: "9123",
Type: "Station",
X: "17941048",
Y: "59323492"
Name: "Apoteksbolaget (Huddinge)",
SiteId: "7114",
Type: "Station",
X: "17903806",
Y: "59261368"


  • You can see here, "Gärdet" is not in the response list.

  • Same problem as described here, they've changed encoding from what I can tell, https://kundo.se/org/trafiklabse/d/sl-platsupps...


  • Thank you Johan. I read your post. But I still don't know how to fix it.
    I don't know Swedish, could you please tell me how do you fixed it? Thanks again.

    I have launched my app almost 1 year. It worked very well ant it got 4.4 stars. These days I find there are lot station name cannot be found in API.
    If I cannot fix it, my app will receive lots of negative reviews soon. I will be crazy.....

  • I know your feelings, getting a lot of those emails too.

    Basically you need to send unicode to the service.

    There's probably better ways of doing this but I first urlencode and then process it to supply it to produce a new string for the service.

    So for the `ä`, which you can find here http://unicode-table.com/en/00E4/ I basically replace the urlencoded value with `%E4` to make it work.

    Here's the conversion table I'm using. I'm pretty sure this is not expected and will probably be changed at some point again.

    ("%C3%85", "%C5") # Å
    ("%C3%84", "%C4") # Ä
    ("%C3%96", "%D6") # Ö
    ("%C3%A5", "%E5") # å
    ("%C3%A4", "%E4") # ä
    ("%C3%B6", "%F6") # ö
    ("%C3%A9", "%E9") # é


  • Hi Johan,

    Many many thanks for your patience and your character table. The table works very well.

    I just found that even I don't replace Swedish characters, the APIs work well.
    Did they notice our discussion and fix the problem?
    now the old API and new API both work well.
    old API
    and new API:

    But I don't know if the APIs will go crazy or not.

    SL bless us please!

  • The problem was fixed late last night, finally.

    It was an unexpected effect due to a change in the journeyplanner.

  • Hej SL,

    there still seems to be some inconsistency with this API and how it used to work a couple of days ago,

    These two queries for Sätra gives two different results, one with capital S and one without.




  • After an "apprecycle" about a week ago the problem seems to be gone.

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