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API funkar inte

the API DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!
Using example with proper key gives:
No such file or directory
call:<DIN NYCKEL>&originId=7400001&destId=7400002
Am I doing something wrong? By the way really nice call to remove the original one AND have this one being broken.


  • Hello Vincent,

    Are You Vincent Gerris (there is three Vincent at Trafiklab)?
    If yes, You have not created any new key to the new API, as far a I can see. Create a key in Your project to Resrobot - Reseplanerare API.

    If You still have a problem, send me info to including your complete API call with key.

    Best regards, Åke Jonsson

  • Hi Åke,

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    I am using another key at the moment.
    After hours of fiddling I got it to work.
    The problem seems to be that the API responds strange, doing something different from a curl request compared to the web browser (they don't work vice versa).

    Example, this curl works:
    curl -v -L ""
    where the exact same url in a webbrowser
    and it did not half an hour ago (giving an error).
    I just tried it and now it does.
    It seems there were performance issues to, but now it seems to be back.

    It would really help to have a working curl example for developers (feel free to use mine), because the python code I wrote earlier broke too.
    Fortunately I had the use in a test project but I wanted to help out a friend with what I made and it is literally taking me half the day to fix this and I am not even done :).

    Thank you for your time and quick response and
    trevlig helg 😀

    Vincent Gerris

  • Hello Vincent,

    It sounds like Your problem been solved.

    For Your information - Trafiklab informs of changes as API being closed down or other major changes via Newsletters that is distributed in good time (in additions to information tha we write on Trafiklabs site).

    I don't Think we will add curl example as requested in addition to the the XML /JSON example calls.

    Best regards, Åke

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